Top Four Tips for Installing a Home Alarm System

1.     Determine All Possible Entry Points

You will probably place sensors on all windows and all doors, and might think it to be enough. The truth is that this is not sufficient and you should place sensors in other possible places as well to completely block an outsider from entering.

securityThieves are innovative, and usually do not bother about entering in the suspected way. You might be thinking that no one can get into your home through the chimney or the window in the attic. In your eyes, these are the least probable places of entry; however they are greatly favored by intruders because they cannot get caught this way.  Therefore, you should install sensors at all such places. After all, an alarm system can protect you only when someone makes his way in through an armed opening. If the entry itself is not set up with proper sensors, then no matter how good your system, it will fail to notify you of the intrusion.

Ask the alarm company for help. They can inspect your house and help you in determining all possible points of entry.

2.     Properly Mount Your Home Alarm System

You should think about certain things prior to fixing the various components of your alarm system.  Make sure that you have carefully mounted all the sensors in the proper place and know the basics of wiring them. If not, you will probably have a hard time in connecting them together. The same is true for all the cameras that are available with an alarm system. You must put them up near all the exits such that the lens covers the area completely. If a single camera does not give a complete view, then either use two cameras in that area or alter the angle and height.

Moreover, instead of using mounting tape, try to fix all the components with screws, wall brackets or other suitable hardware.

A much better idea is to assign this task to a professional company. They are proficient and can do a much better job than you can.

3.     Install Wireless Alarm Systems

There are many types of alarm systems available and all of them are based on different technologies. The most reliable of these are the wireless alarm systems, and you should implement them in your home.

4.     Use Good Quality Batteries

Alarm systems operate on various kinds of batteries. A good choice is lithium ion batteries because their life is over five years. Other batteries generally do not function for this length of time.