Home Alarm Equipment – The Best Way to Deal with Different Types of Criminals

The Types of Home-Invading Criminals

It would be helpful to know the kinds of people who could breach your home’s security, before actually setting up home alarm equipment. Generally, home invaders can be classified into three groups.

The first one is the “accidental” criminal, who thinks that there is no one inside the house that he’s going to break into. These burglars will be just as surprised as the homeowners when they find out they’re not alone in the house. The second type, which is more fearsome, is the predator. The predator usually observes the activities of the homeowners, and they strike when the victims are at their most vulnerable state. The third kind, which is perhaps the most dangerous against lives, is the crazed criminal. The crazed criminal may be mentally impaired, or under the influence of drugs.

Criminal Deterrence

For all the three kinds of criminals, the maxim “prevention is better than cure” applies. Installing home alarm equipment works best against predator and accidental types of invaders. According to certain criminology studies, criminals in their right state of mind will not target households with visible home security systems. Small time burglars are especially allergic to such devices. Hence, you need to some sort of “announce” that your house is protected with sensors.

For example, you may install surveillance cameras at key positions in your yard, monitoring all possible entry points. Just be sure that they cover as much vision as possible so that criminals won’t find blind spots. Nevertheless, the mere presence of surveillance cameras and sensors in conspicuous places are enough in warding off the bad guys.

Early Warning

There is also the probability that the criminals will find a way around the security outside your house. There are also brave criminals who think they can go undetected, and crazed criminals who will force their way in. You home alarm equipment plays a crucial part in such situations, especially when contact with the invaders has a very high possibility.

First, the home alarm equipment can cause panic to the criminals, causing them to mess up their plan or immediately flee from the scene. The loud sounds of the alarm will also alert you and your neighbors, and call the police. Thus, you can immediately lock yourself in a safe room and plan your next action. This will prevent further risk to lives and properties.

Types of Sensors and Alarm Systems

There are various devices you can choose from in constructing your home’s security system. A home alarm equipment setup usually has sensors, and an alarm that is triggered by the sensors. The sensors must be matched with the characteristics of your home. For example, if you have several windows and glass walls, a broken glass sensor is highly applicable.

If you don’t want the criminals to get near your doors and you have a yard, light and motion-sensitive sensors will do. For example, your lamp posts will trigger the alarm when someone walks under them at night. There are various magnetic, contact and laser beam sensors for doors and windows too.